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Mission Messages to Share on Social Media

Heart Walk Impact and Need Statements
"Results From The Moment You Give"

Mission Messages: RESEARCH

  • Put your money where your heart Is
  • Bring science to life (no PhD required)

Key messages

  • What will your Heart Walk donation do?  We’re glad you asked. Every donation will help create big science, like science that created the artificial heart valve. Your donation will help scientists develop lifesaving breakthroughs. What will you help us innovate next? OR Will you donate today?
  • Today, personalization is just expected.  Your coffee. Your playlist. Your workout. Now, your donation can help bring personalized medicine to life. Do you want to fund lifesaving science?
  • You like your ringtone or your coffee order just so? It may be hard to imagine medicine that’s personalized just for you, but your donation can help make this sci-fi idea reality. Donate to lifesaving science now.
  • Don’t know the difference between a stent and an artificial valve? Doesn’t matter — your donation does. Your donations will go directly toward lifesaving since that will help save lives.  You ready?
  • It’s possible that heart disease and stroke will hit the road in your lifetime, yes, your lifetime.  But a magic wand won’t do the trick, breakthrough science will. Every donation can make a difference today.  Will you donate to save lives? 
  • Every donation can lead to big innovations and save lives. Your donation will help scientists develop lifesaving breakthroughs.  Will you choose to make a difference?

Mission Messages: BLOOD PRESSURE

  • Take blood pressure down a notch
  • No need to be quiet about a silent killer

Key messages


  • More than half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure. Young and old. Rich and poor.  Many people don’t even know they have high blood pressure and it can kill them.  Your donation can help educate people and fund scientists to help find a cure.  Can we count on you?
  • More than half of U.S. adults have high blood pressure — and that includes young people. Every donation can make a big impact.  What kind of impact?  We’re glad you asked.  The impact is lifesaving science. Science that lowers blood pressure. Science that keeps hearts beating –maybe even yours. Will you donate today?
  • Listen up, y’all. High blood pressure is a problem, but your donation helps communities keep it in check. Will you help others by giving today?
  • Blood pressure is the silent killer, so let’s get loud about it. It hits half of U.S. adults. Half! That’s a lot of people. Did you know that giving back lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels?  Be selfish-ish and donate now.  It’ll help fund lifesaving research.  It’ll help your heart too.  Sounds like a win-win to us.
  • Blood pressure is the silent killer.  It affects more than half of all U.S. adults.  With a group that large, it should be LOUD.  Your donation will help educate people and fund scientists to help find a cure.  Will you give today?

Mission Messages: CPR

  • Turn your neighbors into lifesavers
  • Put CPR on everyone’s radar
  • Make CPR Your BFF
  • #PassTheTorch with CPR
  • Give yourself a hand. You’re saving lives with CPR.

Key messages

  • If you see someone collapse from a cardiac arrest, chances are it will be someone you know and love.  Your donation can help more families know how to respond in emergencies like this. Will you help lead the way?
  • A cardiac arrest can happen anytime, anywhere.  That life may rely on a family member, friend, or coworker to jump in and keep their heart pumping with CPR until EMS arrives.  Widespread CPR training gives people whose hearts suddenly stop a fighting chance.  Your donation can help train more people in CPR.  Will you help save a life?
  • Know what saves lives? CPR. Know why? Science-based CPR guidelines. Be the difference for someone you love. Get trained and donate to help fund the science that gets more hearts pumping.
  • If your loved one needs CPR in the hospital, you want an expert by their side, right? The money you raise can help medical professionals keep their skills fresh and receive up to date lifesaving training. Donate now.